Day One-Five


Track and Field – could not fine story gallery only

Today was very chill – since the stuff we wanted to cover was basically all at the same time – I only could do one thing… Women’s volleyball at 6:30, Track at 7:00, Women’s Basketball at 9.  Smiley went from Men’s soccer to track to basketball… but left track early to make bball.  Oh and I should add – nothing nearby – Women’s vball about an hour away, basketball was moved from basketball venue to North Greenwich – about 20-30 minutes away.  What I don’t understand is – why didn’t they move volleyball to the basketball arena when basketball moved to North Greenwich?  That would have made sense.

Well his will mostly be a visual blog because not a lot happened today.  Went to the MPC in the afternoon and ran into Paul and John and Brian.  We were gonna go to lunch but John had to hit a press conference so we had to wait!  We tried to talk Brian into joining us but he was heading to basketball super early… so I’ll show you around parts of where we work… here is the outside of the MPC – on the left is the IBC (broadcast centre) – right is the media centre:


here is the photo work area – which I almost never used cause it’s so far out of the way:

here is Brian working:

The elevator system is super weird – so there is this keypad – that looks like a giant phone keypad – and you type in the floor you want – but there are only four four floors – 0, 1, 2, 3 (maybe there is a -1?).  Anyway – but the key bad still has 4-9… anyway – once you push the number you want a small lcd panel tells you what elevator to look for… once you get in the elevator there are only a couple of buttons – open and close door – but no floor buttons.  Freaked me out the first few times:


Here is the Stratford International station – where we the DLR picks up and drops off (which is at the far left down some stairs) and the Javelin Station – on the right… the tents are where we enter, go through security to get onto the bus system which takes us to the MPC:

One of the few things transportation did well – was to provide double decker buses – many times they are packed full – here is Paul – we are sitting on the North Loop bus, on the second floor – the red bus is going on the South Loop – it was all very confusing:


Well that’s about it.  Here is John and I on the bus on the way to lunch:

And here is the mall – completely nuts – busier than a mall during the holidays in the states:


Well – not to talk bad about food – but had the third worst meal of my life – here in England – ordered shepherd pie – but with beef instead of lamb – called the cow pie (I know bad sign!).  Paul and I ordered it and the lady next to us ordered it.  Paul and the lady sent it back.  I was so hungary I slogged through it – but Paul made sure we didn’t pay for it.  It was so bad the waiter said he will make sure to stop taking orders for it!

We got gelato afterwards – I had mint chocolate chip – my favorite ice cream – first time in gelato form – it was pretty good – next door was a krispy kreme:


We ran into John Mabanglo back at the MPC – I think this may have been his Bolt impression:


Work was kinda wishy- washy on whether I should go to basketball or track… first track, then basketball, then track – ha – but finally settled on track.  So Paul and I went there – John went to basketball.  Got there early and figured I’d try and remote again… this time it actually worked – put it on the press tribune.  It was a little back-focused but looks okay – here is my spot – a little to the right of the finish line:


Today was only my third day of track… There was the high jump and javelin – of which we could see nothing.  But four big races.  Men’s 5000m, Women’s 800m, Women’s 4x400m relay and Men’s 4x100m relay.

Oh – this is the way we get to our spots on the field from the workroom – walk right under the Olympic Torch – that is cool – you can feel the heat radiating from it:

Smiley rolled in for a bit after shooting soccer – and scooted out after the Women’s 4x400m relay to head to basketball – I contemplated that for a second – but that’s all.  All were good – the Women’s in the 4x400m relay won by such a huge margin that they didn’t do much jube.  Oh well.  It was a fun night – finished somewhat early and I pushed Paul to finish early too so that we could make it to “The Real Greek” restaurant for dinner (because the kitchen closes at midnight).  Made it over and had a great dinner!  Made up for lunch – beet salad, baba ghanoush, chicken souvlaki, chips (fries), and a chicken skewer.  Needless to say I was completely stuffed.  Scott and his wife made it just under the wire from basketball.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the LAST day of shooting!  Looks like basketball and then closing ceremonies and then I’m done!!!!!!!!!!!!  So excited to get back home!







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