Elliott Almond story on swimming – pix by me

USA Women’s basketball (no story)

Inside the Velodrome

Outside the Velodrome

Pictures from the Velodrome (no story)

“Hello Cleveland!” – i hope you recognize that from the Rob Reiner movie Spinal Tap – one of my all time favorite movies – today I had a total Spinal Tap moment. Had lunch with Paul Kitagaki and Scott McKiernan (from Zuma) and John at the MPC… Had some pretty decent beef stew in the cafeteria… After that we figured it would be faster to walk to the Velodrome then take the bus — I think it was faster only took about 15 minutes. I had never photographed inside the Velodrome and always wanted too. Here is Paul – sort of having fun – oh yea and it was pretty hot in there – apparently they have to keep it at a certain temperature so that the tires remain at a certain temperature:

It was neat and all – but I was a bit confused – for example – one of the races went eight laps – but some dude on an electric bike was “pacing” them for like the first 5 1/2 laps – so they really only raced the last 2 1/2 laps – ? It was interesting. The venue is cool looking from the outside and kinda small on the inside – and everything looked kinda of the same. After we were done shooting we started to head back to the media center – but none of the helpers knew where we were supposed to go – they kept directing us to different places – the arrows would be pointed one way and they would point us in the opposite direction.

Heres the Spinal Tap moment. – we were following the signs and one sign pointed directly to a dead end glass wall / “Hello Cleveland” – Really?!?

Today was a little frustrating… everything that I want to cover is at the SAME time! Swimming starts a 7:30 – but I’m in the A spot so I need to be there early – probably by 5:30. What else would I like to cover – Volleyball – 8:00, water polo – 7:40, swimming – 7:30, I would kinda like to shoot fencing final – 6:45. Can only cover one of those events.

I could have gone to judo but that’s at Excel – near my dorms which is about a 50 minute commute from the MPC and I needed to go to the MPC because I needed to get a swim ticket from Bill Hancock. So I didn’t really want to go up to the MPC get the swim ticket and then back down to Excel – but probably should have. After I picked up the ticket from Bill and chatted a little bit with him and then met Paul, Scott and John for lunch… As of now the only other events that will be ticketed are Men’s basketball and closing ceremonies!

After the Velodrome we all headed to swimming – yea the last day of swimming!!! – at least for me – there is one more day but I won’t be covering it. I sat in the front row of A cause I got there about an hour and a half early. The US did great tonight – three golds, a couple silvers and a bronze. That’s Missy Franklin from Colorado posing for photographers with her gold medal:

Headed to Women’s basketball after that. It was nice – few photographers – ran into SI’s John Beiver – super nice and talented of course, and another guy from SI named Mark (I think his assistant?). Smiley popped in while I was shooting – we both just shot the first half – then headed out.

One of the good things about being in a place that is off the beaten path, the UEL (University of East London), is that the train station has not been busy. Apparently there was a mega long line to get into the Tube to go downtown – where many photographers are staying. Anyway long day for me tomorrow so signing off!


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