Day 8


Mark Purdy’s story on “Blade Runner” (not very good) pix by me

Elliott Almond on Women’s Tennis pix by me

Mark Purdy’s story on Beach Volleyball pix by me

Two more panoramas

Inside Wimbledon

Inside Olympic Stadium

Brian Peterson and I decided to do the exact same thing today – but completely Independently of each other…

Four hours of sleep last night – waking up was a little tough.  But had to leave the room by 8:30ish – I figured out the DLR leaves from the Cyprus stop every 10 minutes – starting at :00.  So I just have to time it so that I leave my room by :05 after.

Left the room at 8:33 – got to Cyprus station at 8:37.  DLR to Canning Town, switch to DLR train to Stratford International then to Media entrance where I caught a bus to the MPC and then from the MPC changed to a stadium bus.  One hour.  Ugh

Headed to the “moat” that’s one of the photo positions ground level at the stadium.  Was going for one race for a Mark Purdy story at 10:35… The Men’s 400m qualifying… That is the race that the “Blade Runner” (another one of my favorite movies) is running in – in lane 6.  If you haven’t heard the Blade Runner is a runner who had won four Olympic gold medals – in the paraOlympics and qualified for the Olympics – read the story it’s a good one.  Brian was in the moat that faced the finish line – I was in the moat next to the finish line – I should have been in the moat Brian was in.

I thought it was really cool and he got a nice reception from the crowd.  The moat I was in was stage left – I actually probably should have been directly facing the finish line.  But as per usual here – no easy way to move around.  By the time I unpacked from the bus and got out to the most it was 10:00… I did a panorama from the position.

Blade Runner qualified – he is obviously ok with title because the announced him as such.  My mind had been too swimming oriented – the 400m in the pool means a bunch of laps? So I was thinking maybe he’ll go around a few times – but then there was a qualifying heat for the Men’s 100m and I was like – oh yea track is 400m round.

Seems like he is a good ambassador and I’m always in awe of people who have what most would consider to be a “handicap” but they certainly don’t want to do anything less or be treated any differently.

Booked to the bus to the MPC and changed to the Wimbledon bus and made it by 1 minute!  They leave every 30 minutes so timing was very good.  I was shocked to see only one other person on this bus – that meant I was either really late or really early.  Had a nice 20-25 minute power nap – bus trip was just under and hour.  Turned out I was really early, empty bus:

Because I was early I got a great clear center spot… directly across from Brian (at this point we still hadn’t spoken).  About 15 minutes before the match a bunch of photographers showed up.  I’m not really a tennis fan, but I will admit that I knew that this is a special spot – and it was pretty cool.  I think it’s probably akin to going to Augusta where the Masters is played (golf).  My spot, I think that’s Andy Murray serving during this mixed-doubles match before the Serena Williams match:

Match was super fast – had just seen Serena play in Palo Alto, right after winning at Wimbledon – she won at both places – in PA she didn’t win easily and it was basically against Stanford students… So figured this might be kinda close.  Well it wasn’t and she showed some great emotion at winning – much better than some of the swimmers who had little-to-no reaction to winning their gold medals yesterday.  Inside Wimbledon – surprisingly not elegant:

After the match I made my way over to cover the medal ceremony – found a good place though some guy hit me in the head with his lens five times – it was pretty annoying and he didn’t speak English and kept giving me “I don’t know look.”  When I got back I couldn’t find my 15mm – i had left it with my lens shade and pano head.  I checked my pocket and thought it was in there but when I got back what I thought was lens was not… So walked back to photo spot and the lens was gone :(.  But I got a flag picture I like because I happened to park myself (accidentally) right in front of where they attach the flag – it was so windy that the US flag actually blew off during the middle of the ceremony – oops!:

Hung out for a bit hoping the 15mm would show up – left my name with the photo people in case someone found it… Sucks because I have been really good about locking stuff up. The one time I leave it for 10 minutes it disappears.  If anyone sees a 15mm with “San Jose Mercury News” engraved in it – it’s the Mercs!!!  Oh yea and to top things off, I somehow bumped my camera into shooting raw – and small raw on top of it… still have no idea how that happened cause it’s not easy to change…

Interesting covered workstations – said “hello” to Brian – he wasn’t in this particular room – but another exactly like this one downstairs:

Grabbed a bus – a double decker and thought I would enjoy the view on the way – I did until I passed out and took a nice 10-15 minute power nap.  View from the top – sitting behind two unhappy Russians – cruising down the Olympic lane:

After I got off the bus stepped outside and Brian was standing there.  No idea he was on the bus… but we walked over to the bus to the beach volleyball venue.  Had my first meal of the day (7:00 pm) there, well besides a Cliff Bar.  Dinner was pretty bad – but I was so hungry I didn’t care, lasagna, some stew and sausage (actually the sausage wasn’t too bad).  It was a very quick match – which was nice.  Brian getting directions from a nice helper – though the walk was a good 10-15 minute walk to the media center:

Afterwards just jumped on the Tube to the DLR to another DLR to the dorms.  Edited in the room.  16 hour day, not too bad.  But now I have nothing to eat and for some reason the campus store that was open until 4 am is no longer open at all… oh well!

footnote – thanks to Karl and neighbor John (who shoots for USA Gymnastics) – I had a beer (from Karl) and ramen noodles (from John) – or else my dinner would have been pringles and a chocolate croissant…


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