Day Six

Lot’s of links today:
Men’s USA Water Polo team beats Great Britain (some wire pix at the end because I could only stay for the first half)

And two more panoramas!

Water Polo Arena outside

Water Polo Arena inside

Cough was pretty bad this the morning – but luckily that was it…  The rest of the day didn’t cough much at all.  Ya – realizing having swimming in the morning was so much better – there are so many different medally (is that a word) things going on in the evening.  Really hate to chose.  Big medal stories at gymnastics and swimming and judo and rowing – although if I had planned a bit better might have been able to do two of them.  Robert Beck went to rowing in the morning – said it took an hour and 15 minutes to get there – two and half to get back!  ack

Considering what I did today – I was a bit lazy this morning.  Had lunch with John in the mall – a Brazilian BBQ place – it was pretty good.  Nice to have regular people food, instead of venue sandwich’s every once-in-a-while.  From there I walked over to water polo – much faster than taking the bus – John took the bus cause he was going to basketball… I was only able to stay for the first half because I had to jet over to swimming – which, despite being right next door – it’s not easy to get too.  Here’s a map – I’m sure you can find a better one online – but here’s an iPhone pix of one:
close up:

I’ll tell you – from the MPC, which, in the top picture is the small unmarked rectangular building in the very bottom center of the map – it takes about 20-25 minutes to walk from there to the Olympic Stadium.

Saw Steve Dykes and he was nice enough to show me around – he was a photo manager in Vancouver and now is a full fledged venue manager, really nice guy.  Did a panorama inside and outside of the venue.  I Shot the last half of the Hungary vs Romania game and then the first half of the US vs Great Britain.

At halftime I skipped over to swimming (not literally) – I got to my position about 15 minutes before the first race.  Normally I wouldn’t dare show up that late but the ticket I had was different from the B ticket (which is deck-level but I needed to be there at least an hour and half beforehand to make sure I had a decent spot), I’ve had that the last few days.  I was in an assigned seat – up in the stands – first level.  Angle was ok.  US did great tonight I think three golds and a bunch of other stuff… Pictures weren’t so great cause no one really freaked out… Phelps didn’t do much at all, I, along with every one else, was hoping he’d show a lot of emotion… oh well.  My spot today -the B spot I was talking about is on the opposite side of the pool – in the picture -it’s on the top right:

Afterwards did a little editing said hello to Ezra and Robert and then headed over to basketball with John.  I only shot a quarter and a half of the US game versus Nigeria.  They have different rules so the game goes faster – shorter quarters and less fouls I guess.  I haven’t shot an NBA game in over five years.  Seemed super unfair… I only shot a quarter and half of that because the game started after 10 pm and I still had a ton of stuff to edit.  Nice loungers at basketball though!:
By the time we left and got to the MPC it was around midnight – grabbed the only thing open (unless we a wanted sandwich) – a few quarter pounders and fries and a beer.  Then headed to the Stratford International station.  Ran into Larry Smith from EPA on the bus back to the Stratford International Station – he was telling me he’s covering six basketball games a day!  That’s pretty brutal!

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