Day V

Putting these links first:

Story by Elliott Almond about local diver – pix by me

Swim story by Elliott Almond – pix by me

Today was a pretty cool day I must say.  I got to hang out with Heinz Kluetmeier, left, from SI and David Burnett, right.  Both are very cool and legendary photographers.  Wow those guys are funny too… here they are joking around once they saw me taking their picture:

I could have either done Gymnastics and Beach Volleyball like the other night or else Diving and Swimming.  We settled on Diving and Swimming – one of the divers is from the Bay Area – so that was cool.  Diving started at 3 which meant I needed to be there around 1 – so doing another event beforehand would have been tough (logistically).

So I decided to take care of a bunch of stuff.  Swung by the USOC to get a ticket for swimming for tonight and tomorrow.  Ran into Robert Gauthier again in his office next to the USOC office.  He was nice enough to tell me about an underwater viewing area for diving.  Also said he was going to go to swimming as well but was doing boxing before swimming – and then was going to head to Women’s Basketball.  I thought that sounded like fun…

After that I stopped by the Associated Press (AP) room on the second floor to see a couple of friends who are picture editors there – Jim Collins, who I worked with when I was at The Virginian-Pilot and Doug Benc, who was one of our interns at the Pilot.  So that was cool to catch up with them and see their very large set-up.

Ran to the pharmacy to pick up some cough pills – which they didn’t have – but they did have sore throat ones so I tried that.  Didn’t really work.  Then went to the bank to get some more money because I am out!  Amazing how fast it goes – the US dollar doesn’t go very far!  I came in with $400 in cash and spent that in about a week.  oh well.

Grabbed the bus down to the Aquatics center where both swimming and diving are at.  Asked about the underwater viewing area and was surprised only a few people had signed up… because space is super limited.  Just needed to be there an hour and half beforehand.  So ran up stairs and got a quick sandwich and met a photo manager who took another guy and me down there.  After a short elevator ride we were under the swim venue.  It’s cool that they make these viewing windows for those of us who cannot – or do not know how – to put down underwater remotes.  Here is someone putting a remote on the floor of the pool:

As I was shooting Heinz Kluetmeier walks up – I met him once briefly in Greece (see Greece blog: – anyway we shared the underwater window for a bit.  And later David Burnett comes walking in with his Speed Graphic (I think – or cool old camera).  They were joking around – Burnett was saying he didn’t think he could do a pike (as in diving) and Kluetmeier says “oh I could, it would just take me 10 hours to get out of it.”  ha.  Burnett gave me the key to a long life as well “keep breathing.”  Very sage advice for sure.  It was really, really hot down there and Kluetmeier, right, was able to find the one cool spot – taking a break:

Back to work taking some cell phone pix:

Look at the sweet pix David Burnett sent me!:

It was cool.  Shot practice for about an hour and then I shot the first round (there were six) of the diving competition downstairs – it was Men’s Synchronized 3m Springboard (spelled synchronised in British) Diving.  Said goodbye to them and headed up to an overhead shot.  My favorite pic from down there:

After the comp was over I ran down to shoot the athletes with their medals – ran into Donald Miralle – another really nice, super talented photographer – he’s there for Newsweek – he’s got a blog too:  As I was leaving Robert Beck (SI) and his assistant Kojo say hello:

 After diving did some scanning, otherwise known as editing, and then headed out for swimming.  Sat next to Smiley Pool – great shooter from the Houston Chronicle and talked about a bunch of different stuff.  John Leyba was nice enough to send me this pic:

Swimming went late – was planning on going to basketball but decided against it.  Finally starting to feel much better.  Only cough periodically instead of all of the time.

This is pretty neat – on the Time website thanks to Zuma:


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