Opening Ceremonies

In case you were wondering… here is my room – no AC and no TV!  Two things I cherish in life – haha – but I’m surviving – it really is like a little cruise-ship cabin:
Ah slept in – probably last time… The great thing about staying at UEL is that it is literally right off of the DLR (Dockland Light Rail) line.  It takes about minutes to walk down from my room to the stop.  You can see the stop when you leave UEL – unfortunately I saw the train leave… looked kinda like this (this is the light rail going the opposite direction – but you get the idea):
I figured out that if I exit at the prince regent stop I can catch a dlr right to the entrance of the media check-in – what we had been doing in the past is going taking the dlr to canning town then transferring to the jubilee tube which would take us directly to the Stratford station – but then we’d have another 15 minute walk though a congested mall.  This method – I exited on prince regent – and waited 6 minutes for the Stratford international station DLR – and voila I end up literally in front of the media entrance… from there I have to take a bus to get to the MPC – in total it takes about 50 minutes.
I love public transport – subways in NYC are pretty awesome.  And I like taking a subway for the first time – kinda like a little adventure to try and figure out where to go.  Yesterday was like that – had never been there and was just trying to figure it out.
I’m pretty sure that they – whoever – forgot that opening ceremonies were tonight because there were no buses!  Had to wait for like 10 for one to even show up – by that time the line had doubled.  Went with John Leyba and Paul Kitagaki:
Sitting at the very top in-between section 246-247 – it wasn’t a great view – actually sitting kinda behind to the left of what is considered to be the “front” of the show – I was in section F – which was originally supposed to be ground level but during rehearsals they figured out that that position was blocked – so instead was sent to the very top:
Sat next to a nice hip Frenchman from AFP and Ronald Martinez from Getty – from Texas…
Amazing that seat to my left and right were open AND the row in front of me was nearly empty.  Usually I’m completely squashed in there.  The best thing was that I had a ledge behind me that I could store a bunch of crap on.
Opening was okay it started out really cool – a cool country scene with farm animals and everything – then on to a super cool industrial era type of scene.  Then it became just kinda like a big dance number / usually the stage was pretty empty.
Then of course there is the painful parade of athletes – which took – I think two hours.  This time I was smart brought my laptop and scanned in a bunch of images.  I was completely done by the time they were on the ‘N’ countries.  This is Paul Kitagaki, John Leyba (and his kids) and my Opening Ceremony tickets:
 After it was over i stayed in my seat to edit images – I couldn’t transmit because i had no Internet access.  After a bit we got kicked out cause they had to clean.  The workroom is located downstairs – not the easiest place to get too.
Headed back to MPC – it was at least a 1/4 mile walk to the bus – that was nearly 2:30 am – and that’s when I found out that 2:30 is when the DLR stops running.  The help desk was of little help – basically said that I was on my own.
So by the time we got back to MPC it was about 2:45.  Got in line for a cab around 3:30 – there were about 40 people in front of me but cabs were running pretty quick – got back to hotel a little after 4… Asleep a little after 4:30… Back up at 6:45!

One thought on “Opening Ceremonies

  1. Dude, sooo jealous. Looks like a lot of hard work. Great photos. That said, it was the worlds most boring opening ceremony from a home viewer stand point, so can’t imagine how painful it must have been for you in the stadium!

    Remember to have some fun!

    Cheers, James.

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