Day 1

Well like I said in the last post – went to bed about 4:30 and got up around 6:45 – left room a little after 7.  It was a bit painful to get up.  I accidentally got on the DLR that I needed to be on – Stratford International – that was a nice surprise.
Today was all about swimming.  It was going to be Natalie Coughlin’s one and only race -the 4×100 Freestyle Relay.  It was possible they wouldn’t make it out of the prelims so I had to go in the morning just in case.  Went straight from Stratford International DLR stop to bus to MPC to changed to another bus to swimming venue – called the Aquatics Centre.  Arrived early cause the morning session is first come first served – so I got a nice spot on platform B – which is close to the finish line:
The prelims too several hours.  Saw Phelps just barely qualify, Coughlin breezed through and Her Majesty the Queen stopped by… Checked out he souvenir shot – the “mega store” and they were already running out of stuff!  Swung by the MPC and after the fifth time I finally got my welcome kit!  Every time I stopped by they had run out!  It’s a nice small backpack.
Afterwards headed to lunch with John, Paul and Rob at the mall (hey that almost sounds like the Beattles – haha) – some place – it was decent – a little pricy.
Then we all walked back to the swimming venue.  I ran into Brian Peterson from the Minneapolis Star Tribune – good to see him.  Super nice guy and great shooter.  Got to chat with him for a while while waiting for swimming to start – that was cool.  Also ran into Sports Illustrated Robert Beck – he’s a funny guy.  Anyway this is gonna be a short post cause I’m mega tired… here are some links (my slideshow from finals are attached to them):
Different Gallery – pictures from the prelims:
Afterward swimming was over we scanned had beer and McDonald’s with Steve, Paul, and John.  Well beer at bar at MPC and we just brought McDonald’s over – which is next to the MPC.  Anyway goodnight!  More later – tomorrow is Women’s cycling and then swimming again!

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