Apparently one of the buses heading from the MPC (Main Press Center) to the Stratford gate (our main entrance) in the evening (around 7 pm) – got lost – an Italian driver – so what would normally take 15-20 minutes took 45 minutes and they ended up coming back to the MPC – so really ended up taking over an hour!  Yikes… Lots of really pissed off people, English guy sitting across me cursed up storm even when driver slowed down for a turn.  I’m glad I didn’t get on their bus first, that would have been most annoying.  But the busses they use on the Olympic grounds are kinda cute.

Today was pretty uneventful… caught up on sleep and my blog in the morning.  The subway – the Jubilee Line – was ridiculously packed – I barely got on – I can’t imagine how bad it’s going to be once the Olympics actually start… Went to the “World Food Court” – couldn’t decide what to get – ended up thinking a burger was probably the safest.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was really quite gross.  Tasted like it was hollow or something – just had no substance – I should have just gone to McDonald’s – it would have been about a 1/4 of the price too.  Oh well – at least I’m on an expense account.

As you can see they still aren’t 100% finished with everything – here some workers finish up some stuff outside of the Aquatics Centre:

Headed out to check out the different venues and did some 360 degree panoramas (see links below!) of the swimming venue (inside and out), basketball (inside and out), velodrome and the bmx (outside), and the Olympic Park.  The Olympic Park is pretty massive takes forever – I think it took like 30 minutes to walk from the Velodrome to the Aquatics Centre.  They opened the grounds to some fans today so there were a of people milling about.

Only person I ran into today was John Leyba from Denver at the Aquatics Centre.  Other than that I was just wandering.  Stopped and had tapas for dinner – it was pretty good.  So either I took the subway home really late, or really early because it was empty at 10 p.m.  It’s 2 a.m. now and I just finished scanning – er – editing the panoramas… Tomorrow probably more of the same.  I think there is some photo meeting in the afternoon and perhaps a party that Nikon is throwing in the evening.

360 Panoramas:

Inside the Aquatics Centre

Inside the Aquatics Center Part B

Outside of the Aquatics Center

Outside of the Basketball Arena

Outside of the Basketball Arena Part B

Inside the Basketball Arena

Inside the Basketball Arena Part B

Olympic Park

In-between the Velodrome and BMX Track

In-between the Velodrome and BMX Track Part B

Outside of the Velodrome


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. I like seeing the last minute progress on the construction. Is it bad that they probably plan to finish everything during the first set of events? Haha. Typical construction industry 😀

  2. Nhat, check out this restaurant in London: Duke’s Brew and Que, owned by an American and a British. We watched a show about London food and it had good reviews for its bbq and beer.

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