July 2012!

This is a picture of Gabby Douglas (as we referred to her in the Mercury News) from a remote camera during the USA Gymnastics team trials at HP Pavilion.  I was shooting from the ground level with a Nikon D4 while triggering the remote camera with a Pocket Wizard at the same time – which was a Canon Mark IV with a 70-200 f2.8 lens in the catwalks.  You can see the rest of pictures from that day HERE. It was a nice surprise that this ended up on Time’s website – thanks to James Tensuan for letting me know cause I had no idea.  I think Cindi Christi was the photo editor that night up in Walnut Creek and she submitted the image to the Mclatchy Tribune wire service and Time in turn picked up up from there (at least I think that is what happened).  The trials were in town for about a week but I was only able to cover Sunday’s competition because I was in the middle of Mosaic – a two week high school journalism workshop.  It was great fun to be the director of photography for that – http://www.mercurynews.com/mosaic


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